Why we homeschool

We began our homeschool journey when Allison was in third grade.  Allison is a very smart child and the public school here was not prepared to educate her.  She needed an education that fit her.  She was not a child that needed to repeat something 28 times to learn it.  Most often she got it on the first go around.  Meaning that she became bored quickly in school.  By third grade and many many tears, her dad and I decided after talking to others who homeschool to give it a try. 

We agreed right away that it would be a year by year process.  Each year we would look at how the last went and decide if we would continue the next year. 

Allison did return to public school in 6th grade, which is the first year of middle school here.  She really thought she would enjoy it better, but quickly found out she did not and returned home.  She now says she will not go back to a school until college.  Thus this year we began high school and I am nervous and excited right along with her!

Jackson's journey began in Kindergarten.  He went to public school for pre-K, but when we took Allison out of school we decided he could finish out the year in public school, but that I would bring him home for Kindergarten.  This year he begins 2nd grade.  He is a struggling reader, and excels at math.  Only at home can we work on these areas he needs and not be taught based on a test. 

Daily we are seeking to live God honoring lives.  Teaching out children to grow and nurture relationships.  Learning happens everywhere everyday.  I strive to teach my children Christian world views, and to be light in a dark world.  I take my position very seriously as wife, mother, teacher, and I am so very thankful that God has given me this gift of time with my children!

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I like your argument about homeschooling and totally agree with you :)