Friday, June 27, 2008

Look what I just got in the mail....

Please visit Hazel @ Just Add Dots

Today I received my keychain that I had ordered with my children's name on it. Hazel's set up is so nice ... you have many hairstyles, & colors to choose from to make the faces look so much like your children. I pasted a picture from her site at the top because my picture just did not do justice to her beautiful work. PLEASE visit her Etsy store and see all the beautiful items she has available.
Thank you Hazel for my beautiful keychain I love it!!!


bethany said...

that is really cute. they would make great christmas presents yeah? have a great weekend!

hazel said...

Thanks Lisa! I am so happy that you LOVE it! Really sweet of you to post about it! Thank you! Thanks. And Thanks again!