Tuesday, June 24, 2008

TightWad Tuesday

How to save at a theme park:

  • Coupons - the local theme parks here usually have coupons on the coke cans or in local grocery stores. Making the entrance fee a little less.
  • Buy the Park's Refillable Cup - the theme park that we visit about twice a week allows us to bring in our refillable cup each time so we only paid $14 - $3 coupon = $11 total and our drinks are refilled for $.99 each time. The day you purchase your cup the park we visit offers a bracelet and you get free refills that day only!
  • Pack a Lunch - often theme parks will have picnic tables in there parking lots for those who pack a lunch. Ours does not, but we bring our chairs get under the trees and enjoy our lunch. This does require forward thought...I like to make all sandwiches at home, those are packed with chips or snacks. We pick up a bag of ice for the cooler, I pack disposable cups & drinks and we have a nice lunch then return to the park.
  • Buy a parking pass if you have a seasons pass or plan on making more than one trip to the park during a season. The park we visit it is $10 to park once. The parking pass is $30. We have already been enough to more than pay for this one.

I hope these ideas help. I know we use them to save money every season!!

Have a great summer!!!


Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Lisa!

Thank you for inviting us over today and sharing your tips with us - I enjoyed reading them, and will be mulling one or two over. :)

Have a lovely week!

Mary aka Canadagirl said...

What great tips ! Thank you. I know what you mean for trying to make the money go farther and still have fun. All this makes a big difference. I sure hope you keep joining us. Thank you for participating. I am gleaning so much from everyone.

Blessings in Him<><

Tightwad Tuesday@

Amy B said...

My husband and I were just talking about getting season pass to a theme park. Our kids are not quite old enough yet though! We will definitely do this in the future, but for now we are sticking to zoos and museums.

Thanks for the tips about food and such!

Amy B in VA