Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rain Rain go away!!

I usually like rainy weather. We need it so I should not complain, but it hinders our paint like Monet Art series we were planning for this week :O(.

I had planned to be outside with the kiddos painting like Monet. I know my young budding artist would enjoy it. Anyway looks like it will be Friday before the rain is set to go away and then it will probably be too wet. I guess we will try again for this series in a couple of weeks!

Also I forgot to mention yesterday Christmas is only 4 months away!!!! WooHOOO!!! I can not wait!! I have some gifts already purchased others I have a good idea, and the homemade ones are in the works!!! I will be starting my Holiday Grand Plan soon!!!!

I can not wait Monday will be September 1, 2008 and while we are celebrating Labor Day I will also be putting out all the Fall Decor ... What Fun!!!!

Have a great week!!!!

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