Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Book Giveaway!!!!

Brandi over @ Mountain Morning is giving away this great book. I have looked at this one before and would love to add it to my library. I think it would be used often in my home. I find myself wanting to make more common things from scratch at home and this would be key in helping me :>) So y'all hope on over and register yourselves for this great giveaway and check out Brandi's neat blog!! Have a great night!!!

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Bethany said...

i have missed you lately..sorry out of town with hubby to see our daughter and our new grand daughter. L's cake looks great, glad to see A teaching J also. you guys always look so could be the smiling faces huh? anyway just wanted to let you know that this book she is giving away is great. if you don't win it you should purchase it. take care of the angels.