Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Busy Week

Sorry no post recently and looks like a couple of busy weeks lay ahead so I may not have many things posted. I have neat school stuff Allison & Jack and I have done, tons of pictures, and some neat crafts to post, but just have not had time.

This week we have all been sick. Kids & myself have the crud. Yuck!! Thursday we are leaving for 2 family reunions out of state, and will not be back until Sunday night. Then next week we have to finish up several things for school so because Jonathan and I will be leaving for our cruise on Sunday 10/5 not to return home until the following Saturday. I have no idea what we will be packing and all that will have to be accomplished next week as well!!

Also please keep Lindsey in your prayers she take the SAT on Saturday 10/4!!! She is working hard on studying, but she is terribly nervous!!

That's whats going on here...just busy busy for the next couple of weeks then VACATION!!!

Have a great week!!!


Bethany said...

you sound busy. but if it is planning for a vacation/cruise i don't feel to bad for ya. just kidding!! i hope you and the kids and dh have a great weekend at the family reunions those are sometimes quite fun.

Neabear said...

You are going on a cruise too!! Another blogger is also going on one just after you do. Gee, it must be cruise time here. Hope you have a wonderful time. I look forward to hearing about your trip.