Monday, September 1, 2008

Holiday Grand Plan Week # 1

Okay this year I am working the plan at Organized Christmas to make the holiday less stressful, so that I can focus on the true reason for the season instead of what I still have to do. This is my plan for the week.

Cleaning Chores for the week:

  • Front Porch Zone - knock down spider webs
  • Sweep off porch
  • Wash Front Door <
  • Trim bushes back, & pull weeds in front beds
  • Change light bulb on porch.
  • Windex windows <

Gifts to work on:

  • Spray paint basket I purchased at goodwill.
  • Finish cross stitch gift I am working on.
  • Start the cross stitch ornaments that I want to give.

List & Planning for the week:

  • Plan the menu's for the week of Thanksgiving & Christmas.
  • Plan what needs to be cooked for In Law Christmas get together.
  • Make Shopping list for each week.
  • Finalize list of items to be baked for others as gifts & gather recipes.
  • Make a gift list for all family and start marking the names off!!!

I hope everyone else is underway to making this holiday season a wonderful one!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

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