Monday, September 8, 2008

What's that I hear? Christmas Music

That's right this morning our home is full of music as Allison practices for the Christmas play at church. All morning long she has been singing the songs they were given list night at church when they practiced for the play that is not until December 14 th. We will definatly know the songs parts will be assigned later. I hope she is this excited come November & December when she needs to know the music :>).

Have a great week!! Fa la la la la

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Neabear said...

Where do you get your cute September angel? It is so adorable. I know what you mean about learning Christmas music early. I used to be in the school band and we started learning Christmas music early too. Maybe not this early, but early enough. That is okay. I love Christmas music. Can't always understand the words, but I love it anyway.