Tuesday, September 2, 2008

You Tube - I love it.

I have never really cared for you tube, and have only watched a handful of videos that I enjoyed. But look what I learned to do by watching you tube:

The only crochet stitch I have been able to figure out from my how to books is the chain stictch. Watching someone one else do it on You Tube I learned how to make a granny square using a couple of different stitches. (I guess they are called stitches in crochet). Anyway I have made 4 of these so far and they are all turning out the same :O). I might have a new craft for Christmas we will see!!


Neabear said...

Congrats! That looks like a crocheted granny square to me. I can recognize the stitches you used. I do crochet too. That is really cool that you learned from a video.

Bethany said...

good job. i never learned how to crochet i will have to check out you tube.