Friday, October 3, 2008

Fall Craft

Fall is my favorite time of the year!!! This week I have not felt much like crafting or anything else for that matter, but today I do feel better and thought we would work on finger painting fall trees! This is messy, but fun. I have never finger painted with Jack before so this was a first. The table was covered with our dollar store table cloth, the we broke out the paints and paper. I painted the tree on yesterday and let it dry so that would be ready for our finger print leaves. Enjoy our art work please...Jack before we got started ....I should have take the after pictures... not so clean, but the paint is washable!!!Jacks tree I took it at a bad angle!!Allison's fall tree!!! Way to really blend those colors!!!

Then we made a few more with some pumpkins and whatever struck our fancy. I took them and hung a line across the window in the dining room and put our fall display!!! Enjoy the weather ... I hope it's nice where ever you are today!!! Sunny and cool here!!!

Have a great weekend !!


Neabear said...

I hope that you are feeling better. No fun being sick. The fingerpainting looked a fun thing to do. I can remember doing that myself and also with my kids. And yes it can be kind of messy!

Bethany said...

i hope you get well before your cruise. the kids work looks great makes me feel like pulling out the fingerpaints myself!

have a nice trip!