Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pumpkin Votives

This is NOT a craft for a 2 year old, and there are no pictures taken while we were doing this because Jack was a mess, my table was a mess and there was orange napkins stuck to everything :O)

BUT : When it is all said and was fun and Allison and I helped Jack get some paper stuck to the jar not just stuck to him.

What you need:
Small jar or glass
white glue
sponges (can use paintbrushes, but sponges worked better for us)
napkins torn into 1 inch pieces

Mix the water and white glue equal parts. Tear or cut the napkin into 1 inch pieces. Sponge on some glue mix to the jar and place a piece of napkin on it then sponge on some more glue mix. Continue until all sides are covered.

Our finished jars drying in the sun. Jack's is the one on the left :O)

Then we drew the faces on with perm markers. And placed a votive inside. I used the flameless because I was afraid the paper would catch fire. But the flameless votives from the dollar tree work great!!!
Our finished project and my beautiful 16 yr old who was upset she did not get to make one :O(

Have fun!!!

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Neabear said...

What a fun messy project! Cute idea though.