Monday, October 20, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY : October 20,2008

Outside My Window... a beautiful day with a little more fall color creeping in
I am thinking... plans for Jack's B-day
From the learning room... starting our first formal book report!
I am thankful for... my husband and our children.
From the kitchen... I am trying out my Brownies in a Jar recipe....more on that later
I am wearing... my favorite long denim skirt, navy polo, and brown crocs
I am creating... cross stitch Christmas ornaments, fall crafts with the kiddos, an angel costume for Awana's
I am going... to the post office later today
I am reading... America's Cheapest Family
I am hoping... to be a better accountability partner for my husband as we get out of debt
I am hearing... laughter from two busy children
Around the house... laundry to be done, summer clothes to be sorted and put away, angel costume to be made before Awana's Wednesday night.
One of my favorite things... hot chocolate w/ marshmallows, the first fire of the season
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: more outside time since it is cooling off, a trip to the pumpkin patch, hopefully I will get some freezer cooking done
Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Jack ... boys should not wear mommy's makeup....and mascara doesn't go there silly!

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Neabear said...

Pictures of kids wearing mom's makeup are always cute. Sounds like busy times for you. But then raising kids is always busy times. Happy week!

Heather said...

I enjoyed reading your daybook - mascara lipstick is all the rage I hear! I enjoy a good cup of hot cocoa too! Have a great week!

AllyJo said...

Wow. Lot's of people said how much they like hot chocolate today. It must be in the air. :)

Joannof10 said...

What a cutie!!