Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday & More Pictures from our Cruise

Us in front of the large clock on the ship.
We are still trying to get things together... grocery shopping and getting caught up on laundry and school, but we are getting there. I did finish 3 presents yesterday for my nieces so they are done now I still have 3 nephews and no clue what I will get them :O) I am trying to think hohoho!!

I wanted to share a few more shots from our cruise...we had such a good time and saw places and met some of the nicest people from all over the world....
Paula & David - dinner companions from Ireland...we really learned alot from this sweet young couple.

Above is my attempt at taking a picture of the fin of Fincastle Fort built in 1793.....Below is one of the cannons that is located on the fort. (Cannon is a replica ... one of the islanders told us that the originals deteriorated to the point that they were removed and replaced with these that are about half the size of the originals)
A lighthouse you can see from the fort.