Saturday, November 1, 2008

Saturday Happenings

Let me share what I did today. I picked up 10-12 bags of smushed pumpkins from the entrance of our neighborhood. Some wonderfully intelligent person or persons decided to steal the pumpkins from all the houses in the neighborhood and then dump them smashed at the entrance to our neighborhood. This is terribly sad to me. I am praying that it was a teenager and that no adult would be in on such a prank, but in this age you never know. So I spent a little over an hour picking up all the pumpkins and bagging them up for the trash man. Boy won't he be happy to reach our home on Monday. Just thought I would share how my Saturday was :O)...but it did get better and I will post about that next week!! Have a peaceful Sunday!!

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Neabear said...

I agree that it is sad that someone or several someones need to mess with the pumpkins like that. At one place we lived my pumpkins I had on the front porch ended up smashed in the street. I think it is senseless.