Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Stocking Arrived

A while back I signed up in a Stocking Swap where I swapped my info with a fellow blogger and we put together stockings full of things that interested the other. Let me just say....

WooWho .... I was so excited to receive my stocking from my swap partner Missy @ Fairy Child Heirlooms Weblog .
Look @ all my goodies she so graciously sent me....

Snowman Chocolates
Snowman Magnet & Cute Snowman ornament
Snowman Stickers ...which my 9 yr old claimed immediately :O(
Stacking Snowmen
Cute Snowman Soap
A little Snowman box with needlepoint thread inside
Recipe cards with snowmen on the bottom
A snowman notepad
and my favorite is the adorable Snowman Apron she included ... I love aprons and this one will work out perfectly for all my holiday cooking.
As you can all tell I LOVE SNOWMEN and she really picked up on that.
Let me just say a great big THANK YOU to MISSY!!!!


Neabear said...

What fun that must have been for you!

Anonymous said...

I had so much fun finding all the cute snowmen themed things for you and making the apron!

Bethany said...

i want to do something like that. can non-bloggers be involved? i love the holiday look on your blog!