Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Day Pictures:

Grandpa Jerry, Pawpaw Don, & Jonathan enjoying pre dinner chat...My brother & sister in law ... Chris & KristyMy brother in law .... JR & his new dog Maverick
Jack with some of the table decorations.

A shot of some of the food. We had all the counters in my kitchen and another small table full of food. This was the only shot that turned out my camera was acting up.

Allison & Christian being sillyGrandma Marilyn & Lindsey

That's all the good shots I got from Thanksgiving, my camera was acting up :O(....but we had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It was the first time I have hosted it for my husband's family in all the years we have been married, but I had a blast. It was work, but worth every minute.

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Neabear said...

You did get some good pictures. Frustrating that the camera was acting up. I hope you can figure out what was going on with it. Does the battery need replacing? I am glad everyone had a good time.