Saturday, January 31, 2009

Goals Update for 2009

The below list is the goals I posted on my blog at the end of December for my 2009 goals. This will be a monthly update on how I am doing.

Personal Goals:
Lose 25 pounds - lost 3 pounds without trying to hard
Stop drinking soda (I know .. Dr. Pepper is a soda) - not yet
Spend more time reading to my children. - reading time is up with Jack need to work on time to read more for fun with Allison.
More mother daughter days with Lindsey...she is getting older and busier. - need to plan this one
Read the the Bible this year using Motivated Mom's schedule. - on schedule so far
Go to bed by 10 PM no later and get up by 6:30 AM daily. - not happening

Homeschooling Goals:
More read aloud time. - working on this for fun suff - we read aloud alot with school.
Involve Jack more in the lessons when possible. - Jack has days that he wants to do school and doesn't want to do school so we are just going by what he is interested in.
Branch out with Allison to include more art, cooking, sewing, in addition to the core subjects. - started learning to embroider together and working well on our first projects.
More arts & crafts with the kiddos.
Bi-weekly planned trips to the library.
Looking at changing our calendar to year around possibly. - planned out 3 different versions of next years school calendar ... still trying to decide.

Financial Goals:
Live on a budget. - trying hard.
Live on a budget. (needed to say that one again) - still trying.
Cook at home. Only one meal per month out. - we did not make this one this month.
Pay down debt. - we did pay down some debt this month.
Work with Allison & Jack on giving, spending, & saving money they earn. - DH started Allison with her jars saving, spending, & giving. She takes her bi-weekly allowance and divides it 3 ways and is doing well so far.
Teach Lindsey to balance her checkbook. - nothing to update here

Homemaking Goals:
Set a chore chart with kids and follow. - Allison is doing well with her chores and check off chart that we are using.
Teach Allison how to clean her bathroom.
Start letting Allison plan meals and help cook more.
Try at least one new recipe a month. - we tried 2 new recipes this month.
Back to menu planning for the month. - planned for the month...just need to follow it more closely.
Back to once a month grocery shopping!! - this worked well, but we did find some items we did not purchase enough of and needed to make little trips in to the grocery store.
Declutter home. - working on this one. I tackled my bedroom and it feels much better without piles of stuff.
Declutter attic....this is separate from the home and needs a weekend or 3.
Work on sewing skills with sewing machine. - made my first apron.
Learn and teach Allison to embroider. - We are working on our embroidery photo's to come soon.

I think I am on a good track .... lets just keep the momentum up!!!
Good Luck - on your 2009 goals!!!

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