Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Whatcha Working on Wednesday

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I wanted to share how I change this piece of wood I found at goodwill a couple of weeks ago.

It started like this,

and then after a couple coats of paint, a stencil, and some sandpaper I got this...

sorry for the glare I sealed it with a flat finish, but it kept catching the flash.

Anywho, I loved using a stencil and had never put to use any of the ones I bought off ebay months ago. Since it was so easy I quickly (like less than 5 min) placed this one above the door leading from the kitchen into the dining room.

I really enjoy baking and my goal is to make my own bread someday, but I just have not gotten the nerve up to do it yet, but while I was looking for bread recipes I came across Tammy's Chocolate Chip Muffins. Whipped them up fairly quickly and my family is really enjoying them. Please visit Tammy's blog and check out all the many delicious recipes she has.

Thats all I have this week...hope everyone else is having a wonderful week!!!


Leslie said...

Great job on the stenciling :)

For some reason, it doesn't matter what finish of sealer you use, there is always a glare it seems. I don't get it either...I'm sure someone would be able to explain


Neabear said...

I frequently take pictures with the flash off to avoid the glare. If there is enough other lighting it usually works to do that. I try it both ways, with the flash and then without the flash. Your board turned out great and I love the stencil you did over the door. That is so neat. Those muffins look very yummy too!


Anonymous said...

If you are looking for a homemade bread recipe, I have one that I have made several times. It is good but you have to knead it alot. It taste great if you want to try it?
Love & Thanks for the updates.
Auntie Kim