Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Monday Morning Art Project

I have been planning to do small art projects with Jack & Allison every Monday. This week we made coffee filter butterflies. I got the idea from DLTK Craft Website. I absolutely love this site and use it for all kinds of printables.
First we used Crayola's washable markers on the coffee filters.Then we sprayed the coffee filters with waterAfter about 30 min they were dry and we took a pipe cleaner and twisted it in the middle for the body and curved the top pieces down for the antennas.Finally we hung ours up over the curtain rod on our back door so that the light comes through.This was an easy craft to do with my kiddo's and they both enjoyed it, and I love the memories we are making.

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H-Mama said...

awe... what a sweet idea! cute blog ;)