Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Taking Down the Wall....Part One

Kitchen Re-do ... budget style. This will be a Work in Progress for a long time. So with this said lets show you what we started with and hopefully an idea of where we are headed.

First we decided to take down the corner wall of our kitchen to open it up more to the living room for an open floor plan. We took the cabinets off the wall and removed the wall. We pushed the fridge down and then put the cabinets back temporarily. This took us 3 days to complete this part and cost us $73.00.

Next our plan is to take out the door to the deck and put a wall in there. Move the door to the living room where we would replace a window with the door to the deck. Once this is done we can re-connect the cabinets to the wall.
Our next step is to take the cabinets over the stove down and remove that wall 1/2 way to have a full view from the kitchen of the dining room. Then we will place the cabinets on the wall with the fridge and cabinet we already moved.
After we have moved around all the walls and cabinets. We are planning to get Corian counter tops. We will be adding 2 bottom cabinets also.
Next step is to replace the windows in the kitchen with french doors to the future deck (a later project, but we want to go ahead at this point and put them in.
Finally we will re-paint kitchen and dining room and put in hardwood floors upstairs.
How long you ask??? Our goal is 2 years and completely cash out of pocket.
That's all for Part ONE....I will post more pictures tomorrow.

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