Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Dryer

Ok my darling husband and I went looking for a new dryer a few days ago.

We typically buy the least expensive...and they work out just fine, but my hubby new I have had my eye on a front load forever. 

Hubby takes me to the store and we check out the lowest priced dryer ask a few questions, then hubby says now show me which one you really want...WHAT?   ARE you sure?  YEP he says!!!

So over to the front loads we go!!  Of course you can not get a front load dryer and expect you clothes to be dry in 18+ min if you use a regular washing machine, you must have a front load washing machine too! 

This is where hubby's brows draw together a bit, but he ask a few more questions.  Then we do our typical store, after store price comparison .....and end up at Brandsmart and of course once again they had the best deal.

Soooo what did hubby purchase me....   :O)   A front load washer and dryer ... Red to BOOT!!!

I promise pictures tomorrow.      My husband is too good to me!!!

I love you hunny!!!

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Neabear said...

I have a front load washer and dryer too. I love them. The front load washer spins the clothes so well, that it does not take the dryer as long to dry them. Enjoy yours. Lucky you getting them in RED!