Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yesterday was such a good day....

I knew my peaceful smooth Monday was too good!

Today I wake and notice that the dryer is running, funny I haven't used the dryer since yesterday afternoon.  I assume that Lindsey is doing laundry and go about my day.  Around 10 am I  go down to start doing laundry for the day and guess what...the dryer is still running? hmmm? 

So I check with Allison and make sure she is not doing some laundry for me...that's a nope, Jack can't reach the controls, and everyone else is gone, soooo

I turn off the dryer and check the clothes....oh my....they are the same clothes I started yesterday afternoon.  I notice the dryer is not warm even though it ran for 14+ hours.  So I guess that would mean that the heating element and the timer are gone...ugh!

So tonight hubby and I will leave the kiddo's home and spend hours going from store to store to find the best price on a new dryer...what fun!!

and I forgot to mention that it is rainning again ...

Next time I have such an easy Monday ... somebody warn me!

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