Monday, November 16, 2009

Play-Doh Ice Cream Shop

Jackson really wanted this playdoh Ice Cream Shop and he got it as a gift for his birthday.  He kept asking to open it at Mawmaw's, but I did not want him too.  So the first thing the next morning I am awaken by sounds coming from the classroom, to find big sis Allison has helped him get everything set up and started.  I bet they made icecreams for at least an hour, and I know we have used it 2 other times this week....sure to be a keeper.

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PlainJane said...

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for visiting my blog this morning even though it was unreadable, lol. No it's not you, I'm having some technical difficulty with one of my Photobucket accounts and am trying to get that fixed - in the meanwhile, I've just put up another background - what a mess! Thanks though - it's just one of those blogging nightmares. You have a very pretty place here!!! Your cildren are darling!!! Have a good day!