Friday, June 11, 2010

Vacation on the Horizon

Jackson has learned to swim under water with his goggles on. Funny he can not swim without them? But it so cute and he is really doing well. I think he is my earliest swimmer.

Things have settled down here and all the furniture that I can rearrange has been moved. (thanks to DH and DD1) Now we only need to pick out a flooring for our master bedroom and get the floor done. Pictures will come when we are done!!!

Vacation is on the horizon....we are headed to Destin FL Sunday, June 13!!! So far according to Destin Oil Spill . com the beaches are clean and open!!! Can not wait!!! Unfortunately our oldest DD1 has to go to school and work and will not be with us :O( we will miss her so much!!! We will leave out after church on Sunday headed to Destin!!!

Hope everyone is having a great summer!!!

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Debbie J said...

Have a great v-a-c-a-tion, in the summer sun! Remember that song? Have a great one.