Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

Tonight was pumpkin carving night in the Speed home. Every year my children excitedly pick out a pumpkin and we set aside time about a week before Halloween to carve our pumpkins.
This year was a really neat and sad year for me. My last baby Jack 4 pretty much carved his own pumpkin. He always has to pick the largest pumpkin and let me help a little on the emptying of the guts, but he drew the face on and and pretty much cut it out himself. It is a really cute pumpkin I wish my camera was not broken because this year we may not have any pictures of their great work. Allison is totally on her own. She cuts, draws the face, and carves her pumpkin out all by herself. Things got a little dicy and she said her pumpkin looks like a country boy. Lindsey of course can handle hers and she did a great job too. She chose to carve a cross and a fish symbol on her pumpkin. All 3 are growing up and not really needing me to do the pumpkin while they this year I was more the background person watching the memories be made. Brother and Sisters working together, laughing together, loving together. Sweet sweet moments! I hope everyone else's pumpkin carving has been as fun!

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