Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Season Photo's

Decorating Dad.
Me, Lindsey, and Jackson putting up his tree!

Jackson and his room tree! Our Christmas tree!

Christmas in the living room.
Allison and her room tree. This is the first year they have trees in their rooms!

Jack concentrating so hard.
Allison on cookie duty.
Lindsey decorating cookies

Some of our 8 dozen Christmas cookies we decorated

Jackson opening presents...poor guy looks like he doesn't feel good.

Allison was excited to receive her I-pod.

Lindsey and her Spa shower head.
Poor Jackson he was sick on Christmas and really did not enjoy what he got because he just wanted to lie down....we found out the next day that Jackson had Strep throat so that explains him feeling so bad!!
Jonathan and his beloved guitar.

Jack and I snuggled under by Slanket/Snuggie type blanket.

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