Friday, January 14, 2011

More Wonderful Snow

The view down our street!
Our snow covered abode.

Jackson the snow angel.
I think Lindsey got hit with a snowball!!

Jackson the snow buddy!
Allison the snow angel.
Lindsey & Allison all bundled up ready to go sledding.

Jack going down again!
Jack on his way back up the hill. Allison getting ready.

Jackson chasing Allison down the hill.....Allison is on the sled.

Allison holding the sled for Jackson at the top of the hill.
Jackson on his way down the big hill!! He was so brave! Lindsey, Jonathan, & Allison waiting at the top of the hill. See all the cars behind them....I bet there were 75ish people there.

Jackson slowly pulling the sled back up the hill .... it's a long way up.
Allison can see some of the people that were there!

Allison sledding down the big hill by the church.

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