Monday, April 11, 2011

Homeschooling Again Praise God!

I have to admit that I reluctantly allowed my 12 year old to begin a public middle school this year. Yes in my heart I knew it was not the place for her, but she wanted to try it. There were opinions from family that she should give it a try. Hubby and I after lots of prayer agreed one year at a time...which was out motto when we began homeschooling.

Allison began school excited! She enjoyed reconnecting with people that she had not seen since elementary school, meeting up with some we go to church with, and meeting new people. Allison loved chorus and loves to sing. But that was about it.....she quickly realized that she would be getting more than an academic education from middle school. She knew that within a couple of months it was not the place for her. She met lots of students who curse, sex was a common topic, she saw drugs and heard stories of classmates whose parents used drugs, and was so upset when she would try to witness to classmates at there uninterested ideas of Christ. She really felt like most just did not care. She went to school upset came home upset. She was hurting.... so again after much prayer and many conversations with my hubby we decided that we would take her out of school again. This time we all know that she will not be returning. Allison was so happy she said it was like getting what you had been wishing for as a gift at Christmas....She did not stop smiling for the rest of the week!!!!

So now we are trying to finish up the rest of 6th grade here at home. We have chosen to use Time 4 Learning for Language, Social Studies, and Science. Bible is her daily work for patch club and Sunday school lessons. Math we are using LifePac for 6th grade. Reading I have picked out several good books around her reading level and we will be writing book summaries after each book. I think this should keep us busy until the end of May then we will look at next year!

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