Sunday, May 15, 2011

One More Week

We had to leave church this morning after Sunday school becasue Allison was sick. So Jack, Allison, and I left and headed home to start dinner. We have had a sick sick week and I thought we were on the mend and Allison started with tummy issues today ... ugh.

Okay back to my thoughts....this last week we need to wrap up somethings on Time 4 learning. We will not get all the way through the program, but over all I think it has served its purpose of getting us through the end of this year. Next year we will be back to real book learning in all subjects just because we work better that way. We are still working through Life Pacs in math and I plan to stop right where we end on Friday and that will be that....not a program I ever intend to purchase again. For us it was not a fit. We have a book to finish this week and a book report to write before Friday, so this may be the last week of school, but it is a full week ;o)

Jack will be finishing up Pre-K in public school this week as well. He has enjoyed making new friends and learning, but he and I both are excited that he will be officially schooled next year at home. As long as he can remember Allison has been homeschooled, and now he gets his own books and area for school!!! So he is excited.

Jonathan and I are still looking through curriculum for most sujects. I think I am going to use Heart of Dakota for Jack for all subjects except Math and we will be using Math U See as I posted before. Allison I am still contemplating....I would really like Tapestry of Grace, but it is such a huge expense right lots of praying about things right now!

Hope everyone else is getting ready to wrap things up for a while and getting ready to put on those swim suits and head for the pool :O)

Have a great week!

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