Monday, June 27, 2011

Okay we are taking a summer school break...

Yep I know we were only doing math formally, then it hit...

What hit you ask? VBS at our church. I love my church!!!!!!! We spent all last week at our church working. We made decorations and decorated the sanctuary. Then we made decorations for and decorated many of the class rooms. We decorated the fellowship hall. Then last night we got started on VBS. SO this week will be spent teaching at VBS and all my kiddos are involved either as students, or workers. Another busy busy week!

I did get the rest of our school material ordered, so we will be looking for the UPS man any day now. My hubby and I decided it will be best to wait to get started until the week of July 25. Allison has girls camp coming up and Allison and Jack will both be heading to Grandmas for a couple of days in the coming weeks as well.

All this to say it may be quiet around my blog for a bit longer then we should get started full force!

Hoping everyone is having a safe, fun, sunny summer!


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