Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Chores are getting done

I don't know about y'all, but getting chores done in the summer is an issue with us. We try to commit to one schedule or another, but summer is always full of many many distractions :O)

Now that we are back to school, it is much easier to set a chore schedule and stick with it. Allison and Jackson are both now getting an allowance and working hard to keep it. They can earn $10 bi-weekly. $5 must be saved and they get five to blow....and they do blow it ;O)

Allison is saving for an Ipod touch and Jackson is still not sure what or why he is saving money, but it will pay off when he gets to purchase something big!

Their chore lists are as follows:

Daily - Clean room, Pick up his laundry and any laundry in the bathroom, Take trash downstairs.
Monday, Wednesday, & Friday - Jack has to feed our dog Dolly.
Wednesday - he has to take the sheets off his bed and bring them down to the laundry room.

Daily - Clean room, Empty dishwasher as needed throughout the day.
Monday & Thursday she has to Vacuum her room and do her laundry (sheets only on Monday)
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, & Sunday - Feed & water our dog Dolly, Check to see if any hanging laundry is dry and need to be hung up.
Tuesday - Clean Bathroom
Wednesday - Dust her room

Also with Allison being 12 she is expected to help out with any and everything. We are working hard to train her to be a keeper of the home and she is doing a great job. Sometimes half the battle is attitude and she really tries to keep a good one!

Okay back to work for me or my chores are not gonna get done ;O)

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