Friday, September 30, 2011

Jackson's Science Activity #9

First we gathered our materials.
Insta Snow ~ blue scoop ~ 2 oz cup ~ Petri dish ~ Pipette

Jackson measured 2 oz of water into his cup.
Placed the Insta Snow and water in test tube.

Dumped the Insta Snow out on to the papertowel to play with!!!Jackson's Thoughts: I put Insta Snow in tube and added water then Kaboom it grew. It fells soft like snow, but it is warm.

We then added put the insta snow in the freezer on a plate. Later we got it out and played with it on the deck. After the freezer it felt like snow. Hard and crunchy

Jackson and Allison made snow balls.

Looks like a snowball fight happened here huh? Jack and Allison had a lot of fun playing in the "snow".

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