Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up

This week has been a good one. I really feel like we accomplished alot this week. Things seem to just get done and that always makes for a good week.

Bible this week was on Creation day 4. Both Allison and Jackson are working really hard at the questions and worksheets. We colored a sun, moon, and stars sheets and answered alot of questions. I am glad that Jackson is learning so much. This is a good review for Allison and really our first formal year using a Bible program. Our hymn for the week was No, Not One. It is one of my favorites and the kiddos enjoyed it.

Allison this week took test 9 in MUS and started lesson 10. She is working really hard at the math. She like to skip steps, so it is making twice the work because she has to correct the problems after attempting them. Hopefully it sinks in soon that she has to do every step every time. Jackson is also flying right along in math we finished lesson 17 and started lesson 18.

Allison worked diligently in her Science and finished up Module 3 in Apologia's General Science. She has a test on Monday and she is pretty sure she will do well. The science experiments earlier this week were fun, and she enjoyed them. Jackson always enjoyes doing a science experiment and this week we made it through activity 9 & 10.

Jackson's reading is moving more slowly than I would like, but he is understanding how to sound out words. He gets frustrated and claims he has no clue occasionally, but I understand I need patience in this area and we keep working. I borrowed some Bob Books from the library and Jack has read book 1 & 2 this week and is very proud of himself. Allison finished her book this week The Hobbit. She really liked it when it was all said and done, but said that Bilbo should have kept traveling and that the ending was boring.

In our Beautiful Feet Geography Allison wrapped up lesson 3 and will start working on lesson 4 next week. The maps are just beautiful and she had a good time doing the research.

We did many many other things during the week. We were working on reding up the house because our Sunday School Class Social will be here tomorrow. We are all so excited! Hope everyone else had a great week!

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