Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yes I am ignoring you!

Gosh that sounds like a horrible tittle, but I have been totally ignoring my main family blog. It has been one of the worst summers ever for me.

I have battled extreme anemia, and I also had pneumonia. So I was sick sick sick and until the last month month and a half I have not really had much energy.

Anyway I am back to normal mostly, and fall is creeping in around here!

If you would like you can read me post over at our homeschool blog by clicking the picture below and see what we have been up to with school. I have been working to keep it updated once or so a week so that at the end of the school year we can print it and have a year book for Allison's 7th grade and Jackson's K year.

Right now I am looking up OAMC recipes on line and hope to do some post about that adventure soon!



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Neabear said...

I will look forward to seeing some posts on here!

I have been getting back to blogging again and did several posts recently.