Friday, December 2, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up & The Homeschool Mother's Journal

This week has been a nice after Thanksgiving Break week.

Monday - We slept in and then got up had breakfast and then cleaned the house top to bottom. Thanksgiving weekend left things a bit messy after putting all the Christmas decorations up we had boxes everywhere and things needed to be straightened and put away. School was done after lunch and all went smoothly. It was a dark and rainy day so after school we played a few games and vegged out on the couches.

Tuesday - School went as planned - we are light between now and Christmas wrapping things up and not starting anything new because of the break so everything went easy - peasy!! After lunch we headed out to our favorite weekly hang out - our library!! We came home with about 50 book and several dvds - it was still very cold and rainy, but now we have new books to read!!

Wednesday - School was done again as planned - and finally there was a break in the clouds and although it was still wet and cold we spent some time outside playing! We had way too much energy and needed an outside break!!! We headed to church for worship and got to fellowship with God's people always a highlight to my week.

Thursday - Again school was a breeze - this has probably been the easiest week yet! I think the week off for Thanksgiving gave us all a much needed break and has refocused us. In the afternoon we made Christmas cookies to ring in December 1st and decorated them. Allison cooked them all by herself then we all decorated them. That night we got to go to the Christmas Parade here in town. It was one of the best ones we have had. It was only about 40 degrees so it was not too cold we were wrapped up nice and warm and had a great time.

Friday - Kiddos have gone to my mother in laws for the weekend so hubby and I are catching up on some tv.

Saturday & Sunday - Sat night we have Jonathan's Christmas work party, and the we have church, kiddos come home, and play practice Sunday night!

Over all it was a great week and we are all getting ramped up for the holiday season. I pray that everyone had a great Thanksgiving and are enjoying the holiday season!!!

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