Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Whatcha Reading

Whatcha Reading?

Right now I am reading two books I purchased from Vision Forum.  I am not an affiliate, but I love getting material from them, because they have good Christian views that my husband and I agree with.

The first book I am reading is : Verses of Virtue  The Poetry and Prose of Christian Womanhood 
compiled and edited by Elizabeth Beall Phillips.  This is a small book, but I am only about half way through it.  When I read poetry I like taking my time to think a little more about what I am reading.

The second book I just received from Vision is : Christian Modesty and the Public Undressing of America
 by Jeff Pollard.  This is a subject that I wrestle with and enjoy reading others view on how we have come to accept what we have.  

So that is what is on my reading pile.....Whatcha reading???

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