Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summertime is upon us

We have made it to the official start of summer and we have been busy!  We have been to Six Flags amusement park several times, been to visit grandma's twice, we have spent many many hours at church preparing for VBS, and hubby and I served as teachers for the teen class.   Now we are enjoying a couple of weeks of down time and then we have one week of girls camp which Allison will attend, followed by one week of boys camp in which Jackson and hubby will attend through our church.  I am looking forward to a homeschool convention coming up the last week in July!  Once August rolls around which will come all too soon we will start looking at next school year.  We are heading to Florida for a week the end of August and I have thought of putting school off until we return.  Not sure right now!  


Today we are melting.  It was 107 here in Georgia today.  We have kept all the curtains pulled and the air to a minimum.

In the morning we have church and I am looking forward to visiting with my church family.  It is so uplifting to be in fellowship with like believers.  

The Lord is working in my life right now.  I feel the burden, but I am not sure where He is leading me.  I spend time in prayer and in my Bible and I will know the direction He is leading me.  Maybe the Lord is preparing me for something, bending, and breaking....I will trust you Lord!!  

This is a small update of what is what around here.....Summer is upon us and if we do not melt we will be back at school in no time and back to blogging!  

Lisa Marie

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