Wednesday, June 6, 2012

We are almost done with our school year...

On Friday June 15, 2012 we will finish up Allison's 7th grade year and Jackson's kindergarten year. This seem like a long year looking back, but a satisfying year all the same. Now with this year not far from wrapping up what was I doing today? Planning our calendar out for next rest for the homeschool momma :). I am really looking forward to having the rest of June and all of July off, but it is also exciting to me to think of next year and all the ideas that swim through my brain. This summer is already busy with playing outside with the neighbors, swimming, and lots of church activities. We have VBS coming up in 2 weeks and hubby and I are teaching again (we have the teen group), then we have the big family BBQ at grandmas on the 4th of July, then Allison will have girls camp with the church a week in July, and Jackson will have boys camp another week in July, then our big end of summer Florida this summer will pass like a flash! Welcome summer ..... Please stay awhile!

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