Friday, March 8, 2013

Homeschool Update

This week has been one of setbacks for Allison, and growth in reading for Jackson.

Allison has started her algebra program over from the beginning to try and get a better understanding and firmer foundation. She was looking in the answer book instead of working issues out and now we find her lost. So daddy and I decided it was best to start from the beginning and work through the summer. She is not happy but understands cheating her way through is not teaching her anything. After a few tears from us both, we decided to work through this together and move forward!

Jackson who is my reluctant reader has done really well this week. I have seen progress in reading. He has read almost everything I have asked him too this week with only a little help. Mostly I remind him of the phonics rules and he sounds out the trouble areas himself. We finished explode the code book 2 this week also.

Tuesday Jackson and Allison went to the dentist no cavities for both yah! Jackson had two front teeth that were loose but would not come out because the teeth above them were growing in, so the dentist pulled them! The tooth fairy came and jackson got $10 since it was so dramatic! Lol! Anyway in the morning he got up and said thanks mom, so I guess that one is out too. No fooling this kid!!

Today we ran errands and made it to the library for new books for all and a few DVDs. Looks like this evening will be one of rest and videos!!

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