Friday, August 2, 2013

9th Grade Curriculum

Allison's 9th Grade Curriculum (Yep that's right High School)

Bible:  Devotions, Listening in with Jackson "Who is God?, and Before you meet prince charming.  There will be other studies that I will update as we work through them.

Math: Teaching Textbooks finish up Algebra 1 then moving on to Algebra 2.

History:  Notgrass Exploring World History

English:  We will be doing the literature study that goes with Notgrass Exploring World History.
Paces English 9th grade set and lots and lots of writing!

Science: Apologia's Biology with labs

Foreign Language:  Rosetta Stone's Spanish 2

Health:  Paces high school health.

This is the first time I am teaching high school.  I am nervous, but will be leaning on the Lord for the support I need to guide Allison in the direction that she needs to go.  We will take this year one day at a time.  I am supper excited as is Allison she can not wait to get started and that usually is a good sign! 

Leaning on the Lord,

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