Friday, August 23, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up (week # 1)

My this week has flown by.  We began 2nd grade and 9th grade on Monday.  Opening comments from my daughter (9th grade) is this is all the books I have.  Really?!?!  Oh my .... It is wonderful to have one so excited that she thinks she doesn't have enough books!

My son (2nd grade)  went well for him this week.  He really enjoyed Teaching Textbooks 3 and did 2 lessons a couple of days.  Also we started All About Spelling 1 and All About Reading 1 both went well and will reinforce phonics for him to help his reading. 

The week was pretty simple really.  Our schedule ran pretty smooth and we didn't really go anywhere except church and piano lessons on Wednesday, and the library on Thursday.  This weekend we have a surprise planned to take the kids to the Roller Derby on Saturday.  I am really excited as well I have never seen one and the kids have no idea we are going! 

Tomorrow before the Roller Derby Allison &  I have a baby shower to attend at church.  Baby showers are always so much fun to me, I love to look at all the little things so sweet!

A couple of pictures to share of the kids working diligently this week!

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Praying next week goes as well!  Have a blessed weekend!

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