Saturday, March 1, 2014

Can't stand to be sick.

This last week has been terrible for starters last Saturday Jackson had the stomach virus. Now I'm sick with the stomach virus and a urinary tract infection. I hate to admit it but I may have to miss church tomorrow and that tears me up.

  I'm ready to be over sick and ready for life to be normal.

  In other news this week we did get plenty of school done and some how managed to stay on track with everything.

Friday before I got sick I actually went to the chiropractor for the first time I was a little scared but it really made my back feel better. She is going to continue to treat me for the next 6 weeks for my migraine headaches. I get those very often and they  have become more severe overtime. So hopefully my chiropractor will be able to help me.

Enough whining for tonight. I am thankful for all that we got done this week and that my son feels better and I know that I'm on the upside of recovery.

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