Friday, August 1, 2008

Finally Friday!!!

I am glad the weekend has arrived. This is the last weekend before Lindsey starts back to school in her Junior year!! I am sure this weekend we will be doing some clothing shopping. She has already gotten most of her supplies and ordered a couple of things over the Internet but she says she is still in need of some shirts. So a shopping we will go!!!

Allison has just completed her second week of homeschooling and so far is doing great. We are using Apologia's Botany book this year and start our light hut Monday if all goes well :O). Hopefully by next weekend I will have pictures to post of the light hut.

Jack is busy in school too!! He wants to do school with Allison when she does school so we have been coloring our ABC's and starting on number recognition. He knows A is for Apple and B is for Ball so that is a good start for a 2.5 year old.

This weekend we have my niece Riley's 3rd birthday on Sunday, and other than that I am going to rest up, because Thursday we start getting up early and driving to school again... YUCK! I really have enjoyed sleeping in this summer!!! This will take some getting use to :O(

Welcome to the first day of August everyone!!! It will be no time and it will be fall, then Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas!!! Boy I need to get busy. I only have 3 gifts purchased for the holidays and a lot to get purchased!!!

Take notice of my new countdown it is my countdown to my cruise. My wonderful hubby and I are going on a cruise in October for our Anniversary/Christmas gift. I know October is not December, but my mom can not take off the keep the kidlets then, so we are going in October. It will still be warm enough to swim and stuff then :O) I can not wait!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

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