Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Junior to Senior in 30 minutes

My beautiful 16 year old Lindsey started school on August 7,2008. This was to be her Junior year. Still a full 2 years from college. Another full school year from her Senior year. Mom still breathing easy at this point.

Lindsey comes home from school on Friday the 8th and advises me that at the end of this school year she will have 25.5 credits, and since the state of Georgia lowered graduation requirements from 28 to 23 credits to graduate Lindsey will be able to graduate this year.

That's right all confirmed with the school and everything. Junior to Senior like that. I still have whiplash!!! This new development puts us behind. We must take the SAT, Grad Exam, and all the fun Senior pictures, invitations, class rings, etc. WOW~~~

But seriously, I am so proud of her I could bust!!! She has worked so hard all her life. Always exceeding any ideas we had of what our daughter would do. She is simply amazing. Sounds like we are months away from out little LU graduating!!

Way to go!!! We love you and are so proud of you!!!


Mom, Dad, Allison, & Jack

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