Monday, August 11, 2008

New Wreath

I went to Michael's Craft Store today with coupon in hand to purchase Lindsey her Course 2 Wilton Cake Kit. Of Course they are out so I must use the coupon on something else :O).

I did use the coupon on some clay that Allison, Jack, and I are going to use to make cuneiform tablets with tom morrow so the coupon did not go to waste!!! BUT I also picked up a few other items. I got a grapevine wreath that was on sale some ribbon and flower picks and decided that I would make a wreath for our front door. Keep in mind I have never done this, but I am proud of my creation. I wrapped the wreath with the ribbon then cut the flowers off the picks. I realized about half way thru it would probably be easier to stick the flowers thru had I not cut off the stems, but owell remember first time here. Anyhoo ... you get the idea and with out further ado here is the final product!!!

I hope it dose not look to fall like .... I was going for late summer :O)

Have a great day!!!!

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