Friday, August 15, 2008

Today in History

Well maybe not today in history, but what we are covering ..... In history this year we are using The Story of the World Vol I by Bauer. Today we made Cuneiform Clay Tablets like the Egyptians did long ago, before they used paper. We have been studying the Egyptians and enjoying there history and thought we would try our hand at their early form of writing. Yes we discussed the use of Hieroglyphics, but Allison and I both agree that Cuneiform looks easier and so we attempted to replicate it on some clay. Enjoy our pictures:

Allison showing her cuneiform - it's hard to read like this...A better shot of Allison's - It reads "ALS (her initials) was here". She quickly realized that cuneiform was hard to and decided to use her initials to make it shorter. She said cuneiform takes up a lot of room and uses too many tools. It is easier to write with a pencil.Allison & mine - Mine is on the pink playdough it says MOMJack's not sure what to do with the playdough. Now he's got it!!!
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