Friday, August 15, 2008

Small Spaz and Graduation Update

First the Spaz report. This morning Allison & Jack went out to the car to get Allison's book and somehow Jack's fingers got shut in the door. I know that it hurt. The scream he let out sent me over the edge. I flew down the stairs...yes flew...grabbed him up. He had laid in the floor screaming and jerking around. I had know idea what was wrong. Allison was so upset she could not tell me, then I saw his hand. It was swollen and bleeding a little from a cut, and turning blue already. So I panic as any mom would do...or at least as I can do. Grabbed him started yelling grabbed the ice pack called hubby advised him to get home and what was happening ....Yes I made the situation FAR FAR worse than it needed to be. I over reacted terribly. The verdict after getting to the doctor, and having 3 x-rays was that his hand will be fine. Bruised and sore for the next few days but fine. No cracked finger or joints all is well.

Breathing more easily now.... the graduation update. Yes Lindsey is graduating a year early and so we are now behind all the other seniors. We registered to take the SAT test on 10/4 which is the earliest she can take it, and looked at her top choices for colleges online to get and idea of the expense of living on campus which is her wish at the moment. Senior portraits retake will be in September and cap & gown and invitation orders are coming up. I may have another spaz attack just thinking of all this. Anyway this is just an update.....I will keep y'all posted as we get the info.

I hope everyone is having a good Friday!!

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