Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just a quick note ...

We are still alive ... just trying to tackle all the Christmas, Play, Goodies that need baking, and oh yeah homeschooling.....whew.....

I have all our Christmas done, but nothing wrapped so I started today.

Allison's Christmas play is at 6pm Sunday .... we have one more practice Saturday after the Santa breakfast at church. (OH I almost forgot the Santa's breakfast)

Jonathan's kids Christmas party at his work is tomorrow night.

Lindsey came home today from school at 4 pm and informed me that she needed to be at work at 5pm and I needed to bake brownies for her Spanish class for tomorrow.

Homeschooling ??? Seriously we are working right through everything the bug had not bitten Allison too bad yet so we are still plugging away. We started a new book today that is fairly short so that she can finish it and get the book report written before then end of next week. We will cover one more chapter in history with a test, and a few more pages in math and end with a test next Friday in that as well. So things are winding down and I have ten more things to do tonight ....just wanted everyone to know we are still alive :O)

Merry Christmas!!! Only 14 more days!!!!

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Neabear said...

Definitely sounds like you have been busy! Typical for this time of the year when you still have kids at home.