Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pictures of Jack from the week...

I am not sure how, but I took 52 pictures this week and Jack was in most of them. No decent pictures of either of the girls ... so enjoy the pictures of Jack :O)

Child Labor .... Jack loves to vacuum with our stick vac...(I know hot pink :O)

Look my big boy bed!!! Goodbye Toddler bed!!!

SO Comfy.... Yawn!!

Jack & Dad @ company Christmas party for the kids ... Allison opted out of this one and we did her shopping for everyone at the dollar store.

Trying not to touch ....


The 'B' Club! said...

Oh I loved seeing those pictures! Your blog looks adorable too :)

Have a Merry Christmas.


Neabear said...

You got some great pics. Looks like Jack love his new bed. That is one hot pink stick vacuum. Glad Jack likes to help. So cute!