Friday, April 17, 2009

Our new Homeschool Classroom

I have been trying to find that place in our house where we can homeschool and make it work.

We have tried the dining room table...which works well but means that my book case needs to be in the dining room and that we can not leave things that we are working on out, and that every time we need to eat everything has to come off the the hunt was on for a better location.

We tried a spare bedroom that we use as a storage room usually, but found that it was too small for Jack to play while we school, plus it seems that the room is always cold no matter what we do, so it went back to a storage room.
Then Jonathan and I decided that we would transform our living room downstairs in to the perfect classroom. The room downstairs is great. I have room for our bookcases, my white board is on the wall, and Jack has room for a toy box and his car tent ...just in case he does not want to do school. We have been working down there for about a month and it seems to be working perfectly. Our office is just off this room so we have quick access to the family computer for printing, and my craft closet is also close by. So having everything with in quick reach has made schooling wonderful.
Now I know I am so, and it only took us a year and a half of schooling to figure this out, but I think having our own space downstairs just for homeschool things is wonderful!!
This picture is a panoramic view showing the car tent, the table we work at, you can also see our reading couch, bookcases, and have a view into the office.

Allison is really enjoying this space, because we can leaving what we are working on out and nothing gets lost or bent and it is all right where we need it when we need it!!Jack needed his picture taken also showing off his picture he made with his stamps. (you can see the car tent behind him).

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